TRUE OR FALSE? "It's impossible to get an attached woman to leave her boyfriend for you."

boyfriend destroyer

Answer: FALSE. And I will prove to you how jaw-droppingly easy it is to make a woman completely forget about her boyfriend... and come running after YOU like a love-stricken puppy in heat.


NOTE: This article is about using highly advanced seduction techniques that a man can use to "erase" a woman's love for another man. If you are offended by the idea of pursuing a woman who already has a boyfriend, then please leave immediately. I won't be held responsible for any action that you might choose to take from obtaining this information.

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OK, I won't bore you with a long "sales letter", fancy graphics and hyped-up bullcrap you'll often see elsewhere. If you've heard of a technique called the "Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence", then is the only place where you can get it. No doubt you'll see some variation off the technique floating somewhere in the Internet, but if you're looking for the full version, then this is the only place where you can download it.

boyfriend destroyer

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The complete Boyfriend Destroyer System consists of three components: the Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence (in mp3 format), 6 Boyfriend Destroyer Routines (in pdf format) and the 9 Advanced Boyfriend Annihilation Patterns (in pdf format). Here's a sampler of what's inside the system:

The price of the Boyfriend Destroyer System is $69.00. No, the price is not "going up anytime soon" and I'm not "limiting it to the first 100 copies" (whatever that means... how can a "digital file" ever run out of print?). However, I reserve the right to stop selling it anytime I feel like it. I'm currently offering this only to Derek Rake's friends and subscribers only... and if I find that this gets sold to anyone else then I'll take it off immediately. I'm just not too comfortable in letting this knowledge leaked out to any Tom, Dick and Harry out there.

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Benjamin Damien

Benjamin Damien & Derek Rake

PS: IMPORTANT - please do not purchase this product if you are not comfortable with the usage of psychology and persuasion techniques on attracting attached women. Also, we cannot be responsible for the things that you choose to do once you obtained this knowledge.

Buy this only if you fit into ALL of the following criteria:

(1) You agree NOT to share and discuss this knowledge with anyone else you know, and you understand that the LESS people who know about these techniques then the BETTER it would be for all of us, 

(2) You understand that you have to put in some effort to make the techniques WORK for you, and it's absolutely not for tire kickers and "magic bullet" seekers, and -

(3) You have absolutely NO moral objection to using covert, "slightly shady" tactics to attract a woman with a boyfriend, and promise NOT to use these techniques in an unethical manner.


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